Thursdays 6:15pm 


Timing & Distances


Course & Distances
Each night all Race Distances are surveyed to give you highly accurate options of 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 2000m as well as the Swim Run event 500m/4km Run or a 1000m/3km Run.

This allows you to confidently compare your swim times over those distances between weeks and therefore test how effective your training has been.

We have also made the course as easy as possible for you to navigate with straight lines of large brightly coloured & numbered buoys making the series safer and your swim racing more enjoyable.

Timing System
We use a full electronic timing system that is only as good as the information you give it. If you swim in the wrong event, this is your own issue, you are required to change this in the members area prior to the race, it only takes a minute and you can do this on your phone. The electronic system has a 98.8% read rate, if we have missed your time, please check your time at the end of each race and email us this information before the next race. If we find it is a clear timing issue your time will be updated. 


If you are a swim/runner, it is important you know you will need to change you events each week to make sure you are in the correct race.