Thursdays 6:15pm


Entry, Registration & Race Info


Compulsory Briefing - 6.05pm

Every night this occurs exactly 10mins before our planned start time.


Race Start Time - 6.15pm


Entry Fees for the 2024-2025 season 

*Season Pass             $369   Entries open - (INCLUDES $140 MERCH & VALUE)

*7 Pass Concession    $209   Entries open - (INCLUDES $49 MERCH & VALUE)

3 Pass Concession     $95     Entries open in July

Single Race Online    $35     Enter before Thursday

Single Race Online    $40     On the day

* = All entries will receive the FREE merch up to the 17th October 


Please note that entry fees are non-refundable, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

BOTH STEPS below must be completed before you participate...

1)  Entering: Where we collect your personal details, you agree to the waiver and pay the race fee.

2)  Registration: Where you collect your swim cap and timing tag (when you sign up for a pass you will use the same cap and timing chip for the duration of your paid events).

Note: Each swimmer receives one free cap, extra caps are $10. Should you loose your timing chip you will be charged $50 for a replacement. 

Late Entries
Will be accepted on the beach from 5.00pm-6.00pm, please double-check this website if any restrictions might exist that will prevent this this due to unforeseen circumstances. 



Please ensure you are on our emailing list, and connect to our Facebook and or Instagram page for communication.

Changes to Events or Times
Time is of the essence! If you are changing your event or distance it is your responsibility to make this change online. 

The rules are clear - any alterations to your event or distance must be made in advance or before the next weeks event.


Organisers will be strictly enforcing this policy to ensure a fair and well organised competition. 


Most timing issues come from not updating your events, if you time is wrong, please reach out to us to correct it before the following weeks competition.


Age Calculation Date
As at 1st event of the current season. 


Under 16s
Any competitors under 16 must be entered by and supervised by a parent or legal guardian on the night.